Imperium is a Disturbingly Relevant Film

Imperium was introduced to the public by means of a limited theatrical release and via video on demand. As such, few have heard of it. I only learned of its existence when a trailer played before another movie I rented. I added it into my Netflix DVD queue and mostly forgot about it. When it showed […]

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RI General Assembly Should Support Free Tuition

Last week, poll results indicated, among other things, that 60% of Rhode Islanders support Governor Gina Raimondo’s plan to cover two years of college tuition for qualifying Rhode Island students. State Republicans and conservative Democrats, most notably House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, have come out against the program, calling it a fiscally irresponsible giveaway. They could not […]

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The Spectacle That Was Today’s Use of the MOAB

Around 7:30pm local time, an Air Force Special Operations Command MC-130 dropped the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB, also known as the “Mother Of All Bombs”) on a network of caves and tunnels in the Achin District of Nangarhar Province that were allegedly infested with fighters from Islamic State Khurasan (ISIS-K). It marks the […]

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Hypocrisy and Danger in Escalating Involvement in Syria

Mere days after Thursday’s Tomahawk missile strike against Syria’s Shayrat airfield, the true cost lies somewhere ahead in the fog of the future. The 59 missiles that struck ammunition, fuel, aircraft, air defenses and radar were described as a response to the chemical attack against the town of Khan Sheikhoun by Bashar al-Assad’s air force. It […]

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Big Little Lies is Worth Your Time

Two seasons of highly anticipated TV shows wrapped up on the evening of April 2. One, The Walking Dead, has been running for years on AMC and has a global following. The other, Big Little Lies, is a newcomer adapted to television by HBO from Liane Moriarty’s novel of the same name. Last year, if you had told me the […]

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The Media’s Reckless Promotion of ISIS

Last week, Khalid Masood, 52, launched an 82-second attack near the Palace of Westminster in London. He drove a vehicle into a crowd, killing three, then fatally stabbed an unarmed police officer before he was shot and killed by an armed police officer. It was random, sudden and savage. Masood, a native Briton born Adrian […]

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You Can Hate Publicly Funded Stadiums and Still Like The Raiders’ Move to Vegas

The league vote is in and, with a 31-1 vote, the Raiders will be leaving Oakland for Las Vegas sometime in the next few years. The move shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Mark Davis was angling to relocate to Los Angeles when the Rams’ move became official. Nevertheless, fans in Oakland are furious, and […]

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