The Final Verdict on Andromeda

Roughly three months ago, I wrote about my impressions of Bioware’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, a hotly anticipated follow-up to one of the greatest science fiction trilogies across any form of media. Since that time, I’ve managed to wrap up my first play-through of the single player story, and get a taste of the multiplayer mode. Has […]

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A Balanced Voice for Police Reform

I had many motivations for reading Norm Stamper’s To Protect and Serve. For starters, the news has been filled with stories of unarmed black men being killed during police actions. Footage from cell phones, body and dash cams, closed-circuit televisions, and other sources has confirmed that these individuals sometimes die under highly questionable circumstances, arousing protests […]

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Kathy Griffin Deserves to be Miserable

To say that I’ve disliked the Trump presidency to this point is an understatement. POTUS 45 has been a national embarrassment at nearly every turn. To recap: he’s tweeted near-constant nonsense, brought doubt and dishonor to the White House by way of the ever-growing Russia investigation, cozied up to some of the world’s most repugnant […]

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Bolthouse Farms has Changed the Salad Game

I’ve long sought ways to incorporate more salads into the weekly rotation of meals, especially as the warmer weather lends itself to lighter fare. The problem is that they get boring, and the easiest way to spruce up a bed of greens besides some well-seasoned proteins is to add dressing. Unfortunately, most dressings mean a […]

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The Taco at 21k

It was November 2016, and I needed a vehicle. I was changing jobs, and the company compact SUV that I was driving would no longer be mine by the end of the year. After weeks of researching vehicles on the web and test driving a few different vehicles, I chose the 2016 Toyota Tacoma. Everyone […]

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What Parents Who Want to Censor Thirteen Reasons Why Get Wrong

On Sunday night, my wife and I finished watching Thirteen Reasons Why. But in the nearly 24 hours since the last episode concluded, I find myself in an emotional vortex that I wasn’t prepared for when I started the journey that eventually led Hannah Baker to end her life. The story is told from the perspective of both […]

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France Takes a Stand Against Madness

The people of France resisted fear and cowardice today, soundly rejecting the far right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen in favor of the liberal centrist Emmanuel Macron. Last year, the 39-year-old former investment banker and civil servant was starting up a new political party. Today with 65% of the vote, he steps onto the world stage […]

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